Fuel Management Solutions

Product Applications

• Tank gauging solutions for Above ground (AST) and Under ground (UST) bulk storage tanks for any fuel type.
• Applications range from diesel, petrol and LPG.
• Versatile, mature range of product solutions to fit requirements of a wide variety of users.
• Monitoring, reporting and alarming capabilities.
• Terminal Automation & Fuel Management Systems and Solutions.

Visual Monitoring Hardware

• Tank level and volume monitoring for 6, 12, 18 and 32 storage tanks with application specific hardware.
• Eliminates fuel theft and unauthorized operation of decanting pumps.
• Equipment is accredited and certified for custody transfer operations with data logging and customizable transaction reporting.
• Forecourt, tank farm and commercial usability with alarming for sudden drops in level and after hours operation.
• Available with touch-screen, push button interfaces or PC based software.

In-Tank Level Measurement

• Probes utilise proprietary magnetostrictivemeasurement principle which gives unparalleled accuracy for fuel measurement.
• Sensors built into probe assembly for temperature corrected volume and level measurement.
• Intrinsically safe device requires no barrier installation for electrical isolation.
• Wide range of standard probes lengths with custom specifications also catered for.
• Rigid probes available from 1.2m to 3.6m as standard lengths.
• Flexible probes available from 3.6m to 15m as standard
lengths –recommended for bulk storage tank applications.
• Measurement of fuel and interface (water) level in storage tanks.

External Level Measurement (LPG)

• In the area of LP gas measurement, a magnetic drive feature is important because a magnetic drive allows a signal from the float mechanism inside the tank to be transmitted through a solid bulkhead.
• The R3D® -LP and Hall Effect Module can be used as a retrofit on existing LP tank gauges to provide an electrical output which can be utilized for remote monitoring of tank levels. With remote monitoring of tank levels, distributors of LP gas will be able to more efficiently plan deliveries to various consumers.
• We supply equipment to measure the tank level, to monitor and record this information at the tank site, and to send this information to another location via a variety of telecommunication routes.

Fuel Portal –Monitor, Control, Report

• Global cloud services platform for configuring, monitoring and controlling wet stock across entire network of sites.
• Connectivity via internet enabled computer, tablet or mobile device.
• Real time notification of alarms, compliance information, inventory, site history and analytics.
• Browser based portal enables remote access via multiple devices any time, from anywhere.
• Remote diagnostics reduce frequency of dispatches and reduced site time for repairs.

Electronic & Mechanical Line Leak Detection

• Fully integrated line pressure management with multiple turbine control.
• Automatic line testing and STP shutdown with mechanical line leak detectors.
• Leak detectors have integrated check valve/pressure relief and field adjustable leak thresholds.
• The 3 GPH (Catastrophic) test can be performed volumetrically or through pressure decay.
• Line isolation and control through solenoid valves possible.

Canopy Lighting Solutions

• Energy efficient LED canopy lighting solutions for forecourt applications.
• Easy installation for retrofits and new construction with low maintenance.
• New LED lighting technology provides brighter, cleaner illumination with low energy consumption.
• Solutions are customized to suit each application, dependent on energy profile and illumination requirements for forecourts, perimeter and convenience shops.
• Long life LED lamps require no cleaning and practically no maintenance.

Digital & Fluorescent Signage Solutions

POS Systems, OPTs, CCTV & Wet Stock Management

• Add simplicity to your business with advanced retail management systems.
• Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) for convenience to the customer.
• Integration of Point of sale system to your ATG solution for seamless inventory control and reporting.
• Automated email, SMS and portal reporting for easy management of your business.
• CCTV security systems.
• Wet stock management, monitoring and control

Fuel Filtration, Polishing & Conditioning

• Multi-stage fuel polishing and conditioning systems designed to preserve refined quality during storage.
• Utilizing Nanotechnology to provide on-going quality treatment of fuel during storage.
• Equipment flexibility lies in remote update capability and ability to react to fuel cleanliness determined in “real time” using Laser particulate technology.
• Fuel cleanliness levels in compliance with WorldWideFuels Charter benchmarks.
• Effective counter measure to microbial infestations and fighting against tank sludge build up, taking away need for costly tank cleaning.
• Net result is to refine fuel to its original condition and reverse degradation, restoring calorific value and BTUs.

Advanced Fuel Inventory Management Solutions

• Eliminate error prone, manual dipping of tanks for levels & volume.
• Tailor made solutions for any industry, any application guaranteed to improve performance, compliance and profitability.
• 24 hour local support for all products and installations throughout Southern Africa.
• Dedicated call centre for call logging and first-line support.
• Proven technology with international foot print and references, renowned for robust reliability.
• Trained installation teams ensure proper calibration of inventory measurement system for accurate custody transfer transactions and reporting.
• Reporting functionality provides accurate inventory accounting and discourages theft of wet stock.