Mobile Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Solution Description

Fuel Tank Monitoring System Overview

The monitoring solution has been designed and developed specifically to measure, monitor and report on fuel tank levels on plant equipment/vehicles. Primarily the hardware installed will be to alert designated users of any decanting/theft from the vehicle tanks in order to control losses.

This is achieved via installation of a GPS capable measuring device on the fuel tank of the vehicle. This measuring device can report its fuel tank information (volume & level) at a user defined interval via 3G/4G cellular network to a data repository. The fuel level sensor is installed with no drilling or intrusion into the vehicle tank, therefore retaining vehicle warranties. It is externally mounted and operates using the ultrasonic level measurement principle to detect fuel level.

The information in the data repository can then be accessed on a web portal via PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. Information available on the portal gives access to level, volume, usage history and precise tank location.

Data can then be exported from the portal to any file format (Excel, PDF) for presentation of reported information in graphical or tabular format. This enables the user to track performance, consumption and calculate potential savings.

Early warning for abnormal conditions is achieved with email, SMS or smartphone app alerts.

System Overview

• No drilling of fuel tanks
• Easy Installation
• Increased operating safety
• Ultrasonic measurement
• Enhanced accuracy
• Easy monitoring

Reporting Functionality

• Mobile tracking via optional smartphone app is available.
• Alerts sent for unusual fuel movements in vehicle tanks to configured users via SMS, email or smartphone app.
• Escalation capability for system alerts. (can be sent to secondary users).
• Real time data.
• Fuel level and volume warnings can be configured for each vehicle.

Fuel Usage Graphs

• Tracking of fuel consumption per vehicle.
• Unusual or suspicious fuel level movements can be seen immediately from the graphical interface.
• Data recording and playback for configurable periods and durations.

Tanker Monitoring Hardware

• The Ultrasonic liquid level meter measures the change in liquid level of any fluid within the vessel it is attached to.
• The measured data is stored in internal memory for up to 30 days if no retransmission is configured.
•Important information is transmitted via the built-in modem, such as;

• Fuel level and volume in the tank or vessel
• Fuel consumption rate
• Theft detection
• Operational and statistical reports.

Mobile Tanker Monitoring

DTA 10 Mobile Bowser Installation

Mobile Tank Indicator

The DTA10 Mobile Tank Indicator is a perfect companion for mobile applications and hosts a range features that put it a step ahead of its nearest competitor.

• Easy Installation.
• Multi parameter display of tank contents –fuel height/level, percentage fill and actual volume in litres.
• Runs off a built in battery which can last for up to 2 and a half years (dependent on use).
• Configurable audible alarming function for high and low level/volume.
• Temperature compensated measurement.
• IP65 rated enclosure for harsh environments.
• Easy to use push button interface –display goes to sleep when not in use to conserve the battery and maximise battery life.