Fleet Management


Combe 90 provides a wide range of fleet management solutions that are tailored to the client’s needs. Our fleet management solutions allow our clients to monitor and control the fuel usage of all the vehicles in their fleet in real-time. All the vehicles and drivers will be entered into a database and given different authorizations depending on the client’s specifications. Any data in regards to the fuelling of the fleet is then stored in a database which will allow for retrieval of insightful information that can be used by management through an array of reports.

Fleet Management will allow organizations to minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improve efficiency, productivity and reduce their overall transportation and staff costs.

Fleet Management Solutions

A Basic Fleet Management System Infrastructure diagram

One of our key selling points is our ability to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology that allows for automatic vehicle identification and automates the whole fleet management process for the client. This automation is designed for companies operating their own fleet of commercial vehicles to help reduce fraud and overcome many of the limitations inherent in traditional data input technology.

Lastly our fleet management solutions integrate seamlessly with the rest of our product offerings in real-time which allows our clients to make better and more informed business decisions.

Learn more about fleet management by watching the video below: